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Broken Hill Minerals, Thumbnails
  • Broken Hill Minerals, Thumbnails

    SKU: 353

    Size- Boxes are 3.5cm x 3.5cm


    A collection of 30 thumbnail sized specimans from several different Broken Hill mines. Most minerals are 2 to 3 cm across. The mines are MMM, Kintore, Block 14 and Blackwood opencuts, all are now finished and closed, so no more specimans will ever come out. Some of these will make good micro material and some will no doubt have other minerals on them as well. Most occur as crystals except a few.  The minerals include:

    1x  Neotocite/Hisingerite

    3x Spessartine (red garnets)

    4x Anglesite

    8x Galena (cubic)

    4x Pyromorphite , yellow & 1 brown

    3x Coronadinite

    2x Smithsonite on Brown Pyromorphite

    3x Cerussite

    1x Sphalerite

    1x Smithsonite


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