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About Us

Minerals on Eyre is the result of nearly 40 years of mineral collecting by Barry Schubert of Cleve, Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. I (Barry) started collecting minerals in 1980 at the age of 9, after visiting Glyn and Maxine Francis’s collection at Iron Knob in South Australia. Glyn of Iron Monarch fame has been my mentor ever since. During my early years of collecting I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time in the Middle back Range Iron Ore Mines of South Australia.

The famous Iron Monarch open cut was one of my favourite collecting areas, producing some rare and beautiful minerals. The aim of my collection is to preserve minerals and crystals from as many Australian mines and localities as possible, for our future generations. Although I mainly collect Australian minerals, I do also collect minerals from around the globe. During later years as the collection grew larger, more and more visitors were visiting us, so we started to advertise it for tourists.

We needed a name for the collection, so ‘Minerals on Eyre’ was born. Minerals on Eyre is not a commercial business, just a private collection built by our family. Now with my wife Jodie and two sons Hayden and Matt, we developed this website to help other collectors build their collections.

Minerals on Eyre aims to supply collectors worldwide with affordable Australian and international minerals and crystal specimens. Over the years we have purchased multiple old collections and a lot of our specimens have come from these sources, thus providing specimens from long closed localities.


We hope you enjoy our Minerals as much as we do.

Minerals on Eyre is based on the Eyre peninsula at 151 Schubert road, Darke Peak, SA, 5642.

we have a large collection on display that is open to viewing upon appointment

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