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Chalcocite, Mt Gunson Mine, Woomera, S.A
  • Chalcocite, Mt Gunson Mine, Woomera, S.A

    SKU: 381

    Size  7cm x 6cm

    A piece of sulphide minerals from the long closed cattlegrid opencut. This was typical mineralisation in this orebody, brecciated sanstone with sulphide minerals in the voids. Unfortunately there has been very little research on the sulphide minerals from here due to the complex mineralisation and the fact that one small piece can grade into multiple different species. Even individual crystals can be zoned with different minerals. As a result I have called this chalcocite, as this was one of the more common sulphides from here. I have no doubt that there is other species present eg. digenite, bornite, djurleite etc. See the list on mindat . For someone that wants to research further I'm sure there are some extra minerals here.

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